How Many Credits Is The Ucc Fiu (2023)


  • Jan 3, 2022 · Students who transfer to FIU with fewer than 60 credits must earn at least 9 credits during one or more summer semesters to be eligible for ...

2. Graduation Requirements | Transfer and Transition Services

  • All students must satisfy FIU's University Core Curriculum (UCC), which is FIUs General Education requirements (Communication/English, Humanities, Mathematics, ...

  • The Civic Literacy Competency Requirement is a statewide mandate that applies to degree-seeking undergraduate students initially entering a Florida State University System (SUS) or Florida College System (FCS) institution in the 2018-19 academic year and thereafter. The requirement has been updated for degree-seeking undergraduate students initially entering the SUS or FCS in the 2021-2022 academic year (Summer B term) and thereafter.

3. [PDF] Academic and Career Success

  • Transfer students with 60 or more credits (or those entering with UCC requirements ... For students entering FIU with 30 or fewer credits and for all first-time- ...

4. [PDF] university core curriculum

  • HUMANITIES WITH WRITING (2 three-credit courses required, one of which must be historically-oriented). Prerequisites, ENC 1101 and ENC 1102.

5. Graduation Requirements | Global Learning | Florida International ...

  • Those who enter FIU with fewer than 60 credits and do not meet UCC requirements prior to entering FIU must take: 1 GL foundations (University Core ...

  • In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from FIU, students must take a minimum of 2 (global learning designated) courses. A global learning course counts toward the graduation requirement only if taken once it has been granted global learning designation.

6. [PDF] Undergraduate Education

  • For students entering FIU with 30 or fewer credits and for all first-time-in-college students, ENC 1101, Writing and Rhetoric I and ENC 1102, Writing and ...

7. [PDF] FIU University Core Curriculum alignment to AP Courses

  • Students accumulate 36 credits within the UCC and 24 credits in association with their undergraduate major to reach a combined total of 60 credits.

8. [PDF] FIU Core Curriculum.pdf

  • SUMMER ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENT Students who transfer to FIU with fewer than 60 credits must earn at least 9 credits during one or more summer semesters to be ...

9. fiu university core curriculum - Studylib

  • FIU UNIVERSITY CORE CURRICULUM Undergraduate Education Academic Advising Center: PC 249 (MMC), ACI 180 (BBC) The UCC is required of freshmen admitted to FIU ...

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10. Florida International University - Saylor Academy

  • Institution Recommended Courses. Saylor Course, ACE Course Number, FIU Equivalent, Credits Avaialable, UCC.

  • Jennifer Bravo, Ed.D. Director Transfer and Transition Services (305) 348-0563   Florida International University is Miami’s public research university, focused on student success. FIU is ranked a top-50 innovative public university by U.S. News & World Report and a top-50 national public university by Washington Monthly. FIU is a top U.S. research university [...]Read More... from Florida International University

11. Florida International University Profile - FloridaShines - Course Search

  • Admissions (as of 2022) · AA Degree: Exempt from the UCC, 60 credits applied toward the bachelor's degree. · General Education Met: Exempt from the UCC, up to 60 ...

  • 11200 SW 8th Street

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